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Last year I was responsible for planning and piloting of two web based GIS courses related to bioeconomy, supported by a group of colleagues in a number of universities of applied science in Finland. This was done within the framework of the DLB project, hosted by HAMK and financed by the Ministry of Culture and Education. The courses were liked by the students, who gave them rank of 4.5 out of 5.

This year Novia has put the same courses on the Campusonline site, and the introductory course starts next week. This time the number of students is close to 40. The continuation course is offered in the beginning of 2020.

This site will be used as a support site for the course. The main content will be in Moodle but I will be posting links to various resources here for anyone to utilize. It also gives me an opportunity to update the site – I really haven’t given it the care it deserves for a few years.