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Green Energy Project

Expected products of the project

For the fair (Högskoledagen on December 11th):

  1. Maps and figures showing green energy potential in Raseborg
  2. Graphical model of the analysis process

Before the course ends:

Report including steps taken, problems encountered, solutions chosen and sources used.




Solar energy

ArcGIS Help about solar energy modeling

Laser scanning data (point cloud)

Wind energy

Wind atlas

Video (in Swedish) about how to download and clean up wind data for use in GIS you can find here: I:\Gemensam\ICZM\Green Energy 2013\Vindatlas till ArcGIS.mp4


Detailed data in raster format about forest biomass (METLA)

Staffan Henriksson’s thesis about forest biomass potential you can find here: I:\Gemensam\ICZM\Green Energy 2013\Staffan Henriksson.pdf